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Janet Peters-Varley is a multi-disciplinary artist with a love for creating original works for dance, musical theater, piano, voice and guitar. She studied piano and ballet in her home town of Saskatoon, and also co-hosted a radio music program in which she gave readings of her poetry.

Some of her credits include:

  • a commission by the University of Saskatoon to write and perform music for "The Year of the Child" documentary.
  • a work-shop of her musical "The Pendulum Effect" with the assistance of Judith Edmondson and the Oshawa Little Theater.
  • publication of poetry in various literary journals such as Contemporary Voice II, Dandelion, McGill Street Magazine, and as an awarded selection in The Word Weaver.

Recently, selected pieces from her booklet collection Progessive Piano Pieces for Performance have been performed at the Arts Resource Center Oshawa by student pianists. Books now on sale.

Janet lives in Whitby, Ontario and is working on "Music For Media " and other songwriting projects. She is a strong supporter of new artists, and a member of SOCAN.

For a more in depth biography please email your request.

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Bill Varley began to study music on the piano at 11 years of age. In the decades since he has expanded his abilities to include guitar, electric bass, drums and vocals. He plays many styles including rock, reggae, folk and swing. He has performed lead and background vocals with various bands as well as performing lead roles in musical theatre. Bill collaborates with other musicians writing and arranging music at Foothold Studio.

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